Dr. Mueller

Craig Mueller, DC is a doctor for the people. A life-long learner and a teacher at heart, he has evaluated and implemented some of the most clinically beneficial technology, including Rapid Release Technology in his practice over 38 years. He has treated thousands of patients ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics, amatuer and professional athletes, weekend warriors and Olympians.

Dr. Mueller continues his mission as a dedicated trainer and educator through this website. Here, he is sharing fascinating and affordable technology and training to the professional and lay person alike. His objective is to enhance clinical outcomes, improve quality and longevity of life, while reducing disability and health care cost.

He has served a guest ilecturer to second-year orthopedic students at the University of Louisville School of Medicine for three years. He is the author of The New Chiropractic: The Human Frame, Diet, Exercise, and the Prevention of Disease

In addition to the access to products and training on this site, Dr. Mueller is available for independent health consultations to help you sort through the medical decision-making process and shorten your recovery. Should you wish to consult with a knowledgeable, empathetic, and experienced individual to offer guidance on lab test interpretation, treatment options, or any health-related question on your mind, you have access to Dr. Mueller.

It is not a requirement to purchase any product on this site to enlist Dr. Mueller for consultation. He is available to the layperson and the professional alike.

You may send Dr. Mueller an email in advance to ask if your situation is one he believes he can contribute to. You may reach him at info@rapidreleasetraining.com