The Incomparable Cordless Pro III

The Pro III delivers Localized-High-Frequency-Vibration (LHFV). The primary reason to own one is, it does what NO OTHER DEVICE can. This tool has a comfortable vibrating head. There is no "punching" like a percussive device,... read more

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Training & Bonus Videos

Join the many professionals who attribute their results to Dr. Mueller's expert training. Having given thousands of treatments on an array of conditions Dr. Mueller studied the science, technology and application of the therapy he... read more

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Getting Started the Cordless Pro III


Phone-Zoom with Dr. Mueller

If you have a health care concern about or beyond Rapid Release, Dr. Mueller is available to speak with you to help sort things out. To reserve a phone or Zoom consultation, click below.

Nutritional Supplements


Biotics Research is Dr. Mueller’s primary supplemental source. For over thirty years he has offered his patients diet and supplemental guidance by interpreting their lab results and/or discussing their physical signs and symptoms. You may reserve a consultation and/or purchase Biotics Research supplements from his e-store at 20% discount.

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